Content Ownership, Moderation & Approval Policy (COMAP)

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Content Ownership, Moderation & Approval Policy (COMAP)

Following this policy, the website is maintained by Content provided by the User Departments with a web Content Updation form signed by the content creator,and moderated by Under Secretary level officer.

The Web technical administrator gets the material published on the website and web content administrator can manage information,which is also viewable to all members.Department personnel appointed by the Web Administrator is responsible for overall quality and quantity of information on the Website.

The Web Administrator will be responsible for overall supervision to ensure that authentic and updated information are available on the website.All the contents on expiry are removed to the archive which can be available any time on the website under archives for audit purpose unless specifically requested by user for delete by giving signed web content updation form.

  • Creator: Content creators at Section Officers' Level are responsible for creation/ modification/ deletion of respective content on the website and send it for approval.
  • Moderator: Under Secretary level Officers are responsible for approving the content coming from the creators. A Web Content Updation Template has been designed for taking approvals for MoUD’s website updation.
  • Publisher: Web Technical Administrator(STD,NIC-MOUD) gets the content published as received in softcopy by email to nic-moud[at]nic[dot]in along with hard copy of signed content updation form
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